Hi! My name is ... Clarrisa Rabon
I am a ... Special Education Advocate , Mom, U.S. Marine Corps verteran, and a Registered Nurse
Having worked across the lifespan continuum, from the most vulnerable infant with special needs, to the elderly persons with significant disabilities, advocacy has become my specialty.
Several years ago, I also found myself navigating the world of special education, but soon learned we were faced with confusing laws, timelines, jargon, and meetings that never seemed to provide the services my child needed. Seeing how this affected her, and after speaking with countless other families whose stories either mirrored my own or were much worse, a new passion was born and I began the journey to becoming a professional special education advocate.
As an added bonus, I retain an active Registered Nurse license, affording you the unique advantage of having an advocate that not only understands the complexities of the special education process, but can also explain complex medical diagnoses in regards to educational impacts your child may be experiencing. This aids in creating safe 504/IEPs so your child can access their education in the safest way possible with the individual instruction they need.

My vision is to make a way for every child to succeed, and I believe that each individual has the ability to meet their potential if given the appropriate support and interventions. With this vision and belief in mind, I look forward to serving you and your child. Welcome to the Special Education Right Now family. 

  • Records Review 95% 95%
  • IEP/504 Prep 85% 85%
  • Full Advocacy 95% 95%
  • Training 80% 80%

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